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running and losing weight

Running helps you lose weight fast!

If there is a secret to success in weight loss, it is persistence / dedication. Be persistent in your training's. It's best to run regularly 3-5 times a week. Whatever you do is monotonous or you are no longer satisfied - change it and lose weight fast! If your path becomes tired, change your location. If the track is circular in the second run, you run at times, sometimes at the given length. You will only lose weight fast if you spend more calories than you are entering.

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The lose weight fast program will help you to fit your exercise plan to spend more calories than you've eaten with. The calorie deficit implies that you are exercising more, eating less, or combining these two approaches to planning your child.  During the running of our body, depending on the effort and weight we burn a certain amount of calories. You need to train regularly, and with sport combine proper nutrition.   It is most important to run in the race and plan to increase the length. Long running runs are what you need.

Slow running, unlike fast, puts you in the area of ​​fat burning. In this zone organism as 90% fuel uses fat. Each zone is determined by a heart rate and depends on the half, year and physical preparation of the person. As you progress through time and when you already fix your condition and create a "base", for which you will need a few months, you will be able to put it into your training and faster training sessions. Quick-time training will make you faster, you will also spend a lot of calories and speed up your metabolism. Of course over time, you will be able to run longer and faster and revise your plan. You're going to run and burn 2500 calories over the course of the week, which will lead you to losers and 0.5 to 1 kg per week.

Do not worry, this weight loss is considered acceptable and healthy. Light running is more efficient for burning fat deposits than fast running, and so - run slowly. Gradually get in shape to get you to the long run to run at a slow pace. This is the most effective way to lose weight. It was found that four hours of running every week is quite enough to get rid of excess weight in the best way. If we point this number as the distance you would have to cross at a slight pace, it would be about 32 km per week. This effort will provide you with a daily 2000-2500 calories less.

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Recommendations for healthy lose weight fast

  1.  The right way to Healthy weight loss should be progressively. If you start to hold a diet, and at the same time you do not practice, you will not have any positive effects that exercise has on your health, and in the process of weight loss will lose less fat and more muscle mass. To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you have, mostly fat. By eating, your metabolism can accelerate for several hours, but burning more calories can boost your appetite.

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  2. Changed your habits and your life sail. After achieving the desired weight you will again start to cultivate, but you will continue with training and healthy lifestyle. Recent research has shown that people who had eaten a massive meal for three hours before consuming the metabolism of more stored fat than those who were hungry went to training.
  3. Start training for 2.5-3 hours per meal.
  4. Pre-training meal should be richer in carbon hydrates. Cakes will not help you lose weight.
  5. You should pay up to an hour after the activity To prevent eating the same or higher number of calories you burn, and thus gaining weight.
  6. Combine carbon hydrates and gums.
  7. Good hydration and balanced nutrition to keep the muscles in optimum and the quality of the training was good.
  8. If you still feel hungry, wait 10 to 15 minutes before proceeding to the food to make sure you are physically hungry and not mentally.

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