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Two people running on promenade get healthy and slim body

How to get healthy and slim body

Everybody asks how to get healthy and slim body and the answer is very simple, eat healthy and be physically active. Some sports, for example running, cycling and other cardio and fitness exercises are an integral part of your life. Do this and you will see that your weight has fallen to get back to normal.

Diet or physical activity?

Diets come and go at an incredible rate. As some want to capitalize on them. Many diets are unhealthy and are not tested. Any diet that is extremely rich or poor in protein and carbohydrates is dangerous. Some of them result in rapid weight and removing essentially based on the loss of water, and wrinkles and minerals and muscle mass. These are just some of the risks of the modern diet and are not the proper way to get healthy and slim body. If you must indulge in some popular diet, do so accompanied by a doctor or nutritionist.

  1. Diets with a minimum of calories

    A diets with a minimum caloric are diets of less than 800 kcal per day . The diets are generally in liquid form and contains a large percentage of the protein in order to prevent muscle wasting. The failure of the diets is most likely that you need a lifestyle change, and many are not ready to it. Once again, this is only intended for extremely obese people, these diets must be carried out exclusively with professional medical supervision.

  2. Diets with pills

    Drugs for weight loss are used, accompanied by a doctor and should be approached with extreme caution. Most of dietetic drugs act on the hypothalamus, that is, the brain. The pills reduce hunger and increase the feeling of satiety. Due to the very serious condition that can cause, it is better to avoid.

  3. Diets with starvation

    Starvation or post is widely used by removing the weight. It gives a quick result. Is entered as little or no calories, weight is lost quickly. Feeding substance, a percentage of up to 50%, are taken from the muscle, which is totally undesirable flow of weight loss and does not solve the problem of body fat, but loses the bulk of muscle mass. Muscle mass, or muscles are the engine that drives the body and which should burn fat. As soon re cheap to eat, energy from food to be stored in fat tissue instead of muscle burns.

Sauna effect

Sauna effect although this method does not belong to bad weight loss diets, it is common, and it is also very unhealthy. Punchers swim in the whiskers, lose weight, and then spin on fliers over + 30 ° C to achieve the effect of the sauna and speed up the process of melting the room. This kind of running training is a very fast water loss, and the overwhelming body as well May cause dehydration and heat stroke. Run slower but longer, drink 0.2l of water every 20 minutes and do not wear unnecessary clothes.

get healthy and slim body with exercising

  1. How to get healthy and slim body in the right way?

    If you have decided to exercise, but do not change the diet, do not expect a miracle. Exercising will in any case have a positive impact on your health. You will quickly become frustrated with how much you lose weight. If you start to keep a diet and do not exercise at the same time, you will not have all the positive effects you have on your health. The weight loss process you will lose less fat and more muscle mass. Healthy weight loss should be gradual. You will gradually change your habits, and after reaching the desired weight, you will not start to suck again, but you will continue with the training and healthy lifestyle and to get healthy and slim body.

    1. Regularly exercises is the perfect way you should follow to get healthy and slim body

    2. Add cardiovascular aerobic training and strength training.

    3. Change the intensity of your training.

    4. Train when it's best for you

    5. Test the Pulse while You run 

    6. Good hydration and balanced nutrition

    7. Choose the location where you run carefully 

    8. It is important to enjoy the running time 

    9. Just do it and get healthy and slim body now

The goal is to be fit, but above all, stay healthy - choice of physical activity which will lead you to get healthy and slim body.

running and exercising

In order for you to be successful and healthy to lose weight you need to gradually lose weight so that new habits become a lifestyle. You need to train regularly, and with sport combine proper nutrition.

First step! If you are a complete beginner in jogging and fast walking, but decided to turn a new leaf in life you start walking.

Make a light workout plan, whose main goal is to help create a habit to train.

Follow the plan and also motivate. Please note that this step is most difficult, after all, it is mach easier. Be realistic about your abilities. People who were previously in the form are surprised when breathing is not normal after regular walks. If you have not exercised for years, start with the aim of which is attainable. For example, walk for 20 minutes. When you are ready to advance, make a schedule of three workouts per week.

For start after meals go to walk intend of lying down and take a rest. That way, you go to activate metabolism and inject the material into the metabolite process to be degraded and burn.  Discussions evening walks longer than 30 minutes. Which over time can be a time that increases, and the same can be increased and the speed with you usually walks.

After 20 minutes you can try faster walks, the pulse accelerate, metabolism is accelerate and starts with the melting the fats. Favorably these walks is to be in a period of 45 to 60 min for 5 km.

Now you know everything in order to achieve your goal and get healthy and slim body.


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