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About Us

Who are we and what is our mission?

Healthy and Wealthy is website which works with passion and love to inform our readers about the importance of consuming healthy food and everything about having a healthy lifestyle. Therefore we encourage our readers to tend for a healthy life by implementing our recommendations.  Our goal is to rise the awareness of the people and to make the consume healthy food and improve their overall health.

Content information

The content of this site is divided into several parts and as a result each of them represents a certain category. The category Healthy foods you can find the recent trends about healthy and tasty food. Food with a high value of nutritious that are very good for your health. Healthy diets covers the area of the best healthy diets and all new recopies.  Healthy kids is the category which that covers the recopies and information about what kids should eat in order to be healthy. Health news is another category where we post the newest information and stories regarding with health.


*Note that we are providing only information. Maybe the source of this recommendations and guidelines for a healthier lifestyle is not always from a doctors. Therefore we are not responsible for any healthy issue and we recommend you consulting a medical or pharmaceutical person.